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TranscendAHP is a product offering by Transcend, a member-based association that alleviates the need for Associations and Chambers to administer their own health care plan. TranscendAHP, powered by AHP Management Solutions, provides billing, enrollment and plan maintenance services for small groups with less than 50 employees or large groups with more than 50 employees but less than 50 enrolled in the health care plan.

AHP Management Solutions maintains the quote to enroll process to ensure a seamless member experience. As the agent, you will have the opportunity to offer the group a selection of 20 different Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan and Blue Care Network plan options, which dependent upon group size, will allow the group to offer up to three plan designs to their employees. To view the TranscendAHP product menu, click here.

Working with AHP Management Solutions, which is operationally serviced by TGG Solutions means shorter lead times and faster processing speeds. Together they provide enrollment and processing service and a single, consolidated bill for your members’ dues, medical, dental and vision plans. To better understand the relationship between Transcend, AHP Management Solutions and TGG Solutions, click here.

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If the TranscendAHP model is not the right fit for your Association or Chamber, we have another option to work directly with AHP Management Solutions. Contact Mollie Sikkema at 877.888.6008.